Thursday, July 10, 2008

Laptop Lucky

"logging in.....logging out"........"logging in.....logging out".............."logging in.....logging out"
I knew I could fix it but on the road with no disks and no internet? Not likely.
Choice 1. Find an XP CD and try to figure out "system Restore " from recovery console.
Choice 2 Find a cheap new laptop with a trial version of Office or down load Open Office.
Full install XP CD at Wallmart, 199.99. Upgrade to Vista CD at Staples 179.00. Brand new Toshiba laptop with trial version of Office 2007 at Office Depot 449.00. SOLD!!
Later.... back at the ranch......2 minutes on the internet tells me how to recovery the computer once I am at the recovery console. ( I have the full install disk for XP right there at the "ranch") My DOS skills were a little rusty and the guy had a part where I was trying to rename a file across directories. Once I got all the files copied just right, whammo blammo! Restart and back to normal.
WARNING!!!! If you do this you might never use that XP installation again. If its already dead....what the hell. Go for it.
This link is to the post with the directions.,289483,sid68_gci1167895,00.html

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