Thursday, September 18, 2008

Do you hear that huge "sucking" sound?

All the parts have been puchased.......... the planning is done......... the floors are dirty........ and soon the central vacuum will be installed.
I spent about 2 weeks online (not wasting time at work) learning about the task of installing a "whole hose vacuum system". The parts were all purchased from except for the pipe. Shipping for 12 8 foot long pipes was stupid expensive. There is a place in town, "The vacuum center", that sells the stuff. It is not average PVC pipe. It is some thinwall 2" PVC made for vacuum systems and maybe irrigation. Anyway I have it all and I will start cutting holes in walls today.......I hope. So far I have about 400.00 American in it and I figure it will take another 50.00 in odd parts to finish it up.
Keep you posted.

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