Monday, June 23, 2008

Out Of Range

Saturday seemed like a good day to ugrade my computer to the new version of Ubuntu linux. Its been out for almost 2 months so I felt like there would be no major issues. The installation went fine. Looked good everything seemed to work. I did the updates to get it all freshened up. After reboot, nothing............ No screen, no options, nothing. Just three words to stare at. "OUT OF RANGE" I had noticed the ATI driver update and the kernel update but I felt sure they were together so one would not kill the other. Wrong.
The ATI driver issue is something that every Linux user is aware of. We have all been told about how ATI/AMD is improving things by opening the driver source. I've had it. Iwent out to go find the cheapest Nvidia card I could buy locally. I was home in less than an hour with nothing. Expensive or to new to work. I went on New Egg and have one coming on Tuesday for 30 bucks.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I installed Fedora 9. No trouble installing but after updates I had the same "OUT OF RANGE" experience. This time I looked into the problem some. I logged in to just a command line and edited the Xorg file to use the plain VESA driver. After reboot everything was perfect again. I spent some time on the Fedora forum and it looks like the Nvidia driver trouble is also bad. I will have to make a decision whether to change the video card or not.
I hope that eventually the video driver issue will be worked out. I believe in the open source idea and enjoy using Linux and gnome. It will never be possible to ask people to use a product where doing the updates leaves them with no graphical screen at all.
I may have more on this at another time. I am a little worn out with it now and I will be asking around about the changing the video card thing before I start.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

DRIP.....DRIP The sequel

Back flow preventer........ This is aparently a little known alternative phrase for not going to let any water in the tubing no matter how hard you try. The kits from Harbour Freight cost about 7.99. Now, once you add the 19.50 for some parts to replace the back flow preventer, the price is actually a little higher. All in all it worked fairly well. I struggled to push the tubing on to the "tees" but the other parts worked smoothly. I would say they were good deal but not a great deal.
I'm happy
The palms are happy
The monkey grass is happy
and Susan is happy.

Your can was skinny but now its FAT again.

For those of you who don't own the "skinny" koozies, there may be a ripple in "the hard to explain" Budweiser can marketing scheme.

Two or three years ago (this is a blog not a text book) Budweiser switched to these little cans for Bud select and Michelob Ultra. They are still 12 oz but skinny and tall. It seems they were trying to copy the Red Bull can.

We picked up a 18 pack of Select at W*mart Tuesday and low and behold, Poof, big can.

Is this in reaction to Hillary being defeated?
Is this the answer to global warming?
Is this the response to unhappy beer drinkers who want to use koozies?
Time will tell.

Denial of Service

Not what you think. Have you ever thought about what it would be like if your government made rules preventing you from doing your normal every day activities? I (my wife) wanted to buy curtain rods. Seems like the kind of activity the local authorities would be pretty pleased about. Shopping local, supporting the economy by spending and not saving, paying local sales tax, driving less to save fuel and save the environment. Sounds down right American right?
Welcome to Lexington county in South Carolina. You see it was before 1:30 PM on a Sunday. Oh........ you say. Now you completely understand. The mistake was all mine and I should be more careful in the future.
This story does end with out me going to jail. The Wal*mart in Richland County is a mere 10 miles away and low and behold there is no curtain rod law on the books in Richland County.
The only down side is that it took 2 hours to get the evil contraband rods, a couple of curtains that we had not planned on, some steaks for dinner (completely legal in both counties) and a few accessories at the home center. The high temp in our area was 101 yesterday so by the time I was home guessed hot to install the drip (Dripp....Dripp) irrigation system.
As you may have already figured out, besides the temperature outside, I was already running a little hot.


Tomorrow I will try out a cheap drip irrigation system from Harbor freight tools. I'm sure everything will go perfectly and once I recover enough to use whole "happy" words again, I'll give you the rundown.

New Blog Site

I am moving the posts over from the "Blinking Blog" site to here. This site is a little easier to get to.