Monday, December 21, 2009

Google has a Voice!

Just a short note today. Think of it like a leaflet instead of a magazine. I got a Google voice invite today. I lucked out and a guy at work had an extra. I have no idea how they decide when you can hand them out to people but I will keep my eye out. I am a little confused as to how some of it works, so if I find any interesting tidbits I will report here.
Since we were talking about my cell phone.... just go along... I tried out the Android Eclair build by Manup over at XDA. I thought it was a very good rom except for the part where they have not figured out the eclair camera drivers for the G1 just yet. I would think that will happen pretty quick. I will stick to WesGarners CM based rom until further notice.
I have no morals today.

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