Sunday, December 20, 2009

Oh Christmas tree...Oh Christmas.........

Well, I actually pulled it off. With the help of the major chain stores being sold out of real (dead) Christmas trees, I have convinced my wife that we needed a pre-lit artificial tree. The hunt for the perfect artificial tree was actually worse than I would have said. Two nights and driving half the city produced the perfect 7.5 foot, 500 light, easy to assemble, non real, neither live not dead, tree.
No strapping to the top of the car.
No cutting off extra limbs and cutting off bottom to fit stand.
No spilling water all over the floor filling the stand.
No millions of needles from the porch to the living room.
No stringing lights for hours.
Just a few of the pre-Christmas day tree pleasures we have avoided. The list of post Christmas glea bringers is just as long or longer.
The model tree we bought came from Sam's Club (Via china) and came in 3 pieces. The bottom 2 sections are hinged and just fold out. The top piece is more bendy and takes a little work to make it look good. It also came with a duffel bag type thing to store it after the holidays. The real benefit came when we had to go back to Sam's the second time to pick it up and it had been reduced 30 bucks. Next years benefit will be even bigger when we don't have to go find one and it is already paid for.
Merry Plastic, homogenized, "no trees were killed in the making of this tree" Christmas!

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