Friday, December 11, 2009


The last ten years or so, I have seen articles in the paper about the local drought conditions. It is almost as regular as the daily weather report. Statistics such as how many inches of rain behind or how many years it will take for a river to recover are the key points that they repeat endlessly.
I live in the midlands of South Carolina and I would like to declare the drought (real or perceived) over. In fact, I would like to announce the flood warnings here on this blog. I will not be re-announcing this every day, but you can bet we will either still be flooded or in a drought.
Don't worry for me personally. My only concern is that I can't finish getting up the leaves. This has the added benefit of not having to get up the leaves.
Back in 1990 or so I moved to San Antonio. It was middle of January in Texas. The weather was really nice. Warm most days with just a little more wind than I would choose. I started reading the reports of the 10 year drought in the paper and the huge reservoir project they were building to help.
When it quit raining 3 weeks later, the aquifer was at a 20 year high and they were talking about arresting the contractor and (contractors brother-in-law) politician that started the project.
Moral of this story is, If you are not in a third world country, droughts are temporary and you should probably buy stock in the ACME GALOSHES COMPANY OF WALAWALA WASHINGTON.
One more thought. If you're worried about a drought, have a draft.

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