Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Windows Update!

Time to go over the results for getting word 2007 to not lock up on windows 7. In my search of the web yesterday, I found people who said this was a printer problem(there were also about 20 pages of possible registry hacks). What would trying to change the font in a word document have to do with the network printer? I am still a little baffled by this one. I changed my default printer to " Microsoft One Note" and rebooted. Poof! No more "Not Responding". Made absolutely no sense, but I went a little further down the road. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the printer, looking for updated drivers and switching to drivers for XP. Bupkis. The printer is setup through a print server built into my router. Works with every computer we have ever put on our network. In the last year I added a NAS drive to our setup and it also has a print server built in. Turned off the printer, moved the USB from the router to the NAS and no more trouble. I still have no real clue except to say that Win 7 must not like the routers' print server.
I like to have a moral for each story so here goes.
If you have a US Robotics router with print server, No windows 7.
If I have any other Windows 7 fun, I will post results here....eventually.

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