Monday, December 21, 2009

Google has a Voice!

Just a short note today. Think of it like a leaflet instead of a magazine. I got a Google voice invite today. I lucked out and a guy at work had an extra. I have no idea how they decide when you can hand them out to people but I will keep my eye out. I am a little confused as to how some of it works, so if I find any interesting tidbits I will report here.
Since we were talking about my cell phone.... just go along... I tried out the Android Eclair build by Manup over at XDA. I thought it was a very good rom except for the part where they have not figured out the eclair camera drivers for the G1 just yet. I would think that will happen pretty quick. I will stick to WesGarners CM based rom until further notice.
I have no morals today.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Oh Christmas tree...Oh Christmas.........

Well, I actually pulled it off. With the help of the major chain stores being sold out of real (dead) Christmas trees, I have convinced my wife that we needed a pre-lit artificial tree. The hunt for the perfect artificial tree was actually worse than I would have said. Two nights and driving half the city produced the perfect 7.5 foot, 500 light, easy to assemble, non real, neither live not dead, tree.
No strapping to the top of the car.
No cutting off extra limbs and cutting off bottom to fit stand.
No spilling water all over the floor filling the stand.
No millions of needles from the porch to the living room.
No stringing lights for hours.
Just a few of the pre-Christmas day tree pleasures we have avoided. The list of post Christmas glea bringers is just as long or longer.
The model tree we bought came from Sam's Club (Via china) and came in 3 pieces. The bottom 2 sections are hinged and just fold out. The top piece is more bendy and takes a little work to make it look good. It also came with a duffel bag type thing to store it after the holidays. The real benefit came when we had to go back to Sam's the second time to pick it up and it had been reduced 30 bucks. Next years benefit will be even bigger when we don't have to go find one and it is already paid for.
Merry Plastic, homogenized, "no trees were killed in the making of this tree" Christmas!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Windows Update!

Time to go over the results for getting word 2007 to not lock up on windows 7. In my search of the web yesterday, I found people who said this was a printer problem(there were also about 20 pages of possible registry hacks). What would trying to change the font in a word document have to do with the network printer? I am still a little baffled by this one. I changed my default printer to " Microsoft One Note" and rebooted. Poof! No more "Not Responding". Made absolutely no sense, but I went a little further down the road. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the printer, looking for updated drivers and switching to drivers for XP. Bupkis. The printer is setup through a print server built into my router. Works with every computer we have ever put on our network. In the last year I added a NAS drive to our setup and it also has a print server built in. Turned off the printer, moved the USB from the router to the NAS and no more trouble. I still have no real clue except to say that Win 7 must not like the routers' print server.
I like to have a moral for each story so here goes.
If you have a US Robotics router with print server, No windows 7.
If I have any other Windows 7 fun, I will post results here....eventually.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Windows 7

Ok, the fun has begun. My first Windows 7 experience. What is the one set of programs that you would expect no trouble right out of the box? Well you'd be wrong. Yes they tested it for 2 whole years. No it does not work right.
All we wanted was to be able to open Word and change the font type add a couple of names to a list, and save the document.
I have found about 10 possible fixes that I will try tonight. None of them involve squirrels or hammers.
Updates to come....Hilarity to ensue.

Friday, December 11, 2009


The last ten years or so, I have seen articles in the paper about the local drought conditions. It is almost as regular as the daily weather report. Statistics such as how many inches of rain behind or how many years it will take for a river to recover are the key points that they repeat endlessly.
I live in the midlands of South Carolina and I would like to declare the drought (real or perceived) over. In fact, I would like to announce the flood warnings here on this blog. I will not be re-announcing this every day, but you can bet we will either still be flooded or in a drought.
Don't worry for me personally. My only concern is that I can't finish getting up the leaves. This has the added benefit of not having to get up the leaves.
Back in 1990 or so I moved to San Antonio. It was middle of January in Texas. The weather was really nice. Warm most days with just a little more wind than I would choose. I started reading the reports of the 10 year drought in the paper and the huge reservoir project they were building to help.
When it quit raining 3 weeks later, the aquifer was at a 20 year high and they were talking about arresting the contractor and (contractors brother-in-law) politician that started the project.
Moral of this story is, If you are not in a third world country, droughts are temporary and you should probably buy stock in the ACME GALOSHES COMPANY OF WALAWALA WASHINGTON.
One more thought. If you're worried about a drought, have a draft.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

No news = Good news?

I guess not winning the election last year left me empty of useless content. However, I am ready to update.
We bought new G1 phones and have hacked them to death. More on this later.
The kitchen remodel is finished to the point of needing a new gas range, stainless of course. If anyone wants to donate......
Gamecock football was as always a roller coaster (is that spelled right?) ride from hell as always.
And last but not least Tiger Woods is a scum bag. I am absolutely convinced Tim (there's no crying in football) Tebow will have the same fate. this sort of stuff makes us all feel slightly better about our humble position in the world.
Back soon.