Thursday, November 18, 2010


Cue the band and get the floats out of the drydock, we are going to need a parade. This means you will be able to go in any restaurant in the town of Irmo without having to breath smoke while eating. Right?
Well, not exactly. The town leaders voted in a law that says you cannot have smoking in any public facility, unless you are a bar or restaurant that had smoking before. So essentially they are banning smoking in places that do not allow smoking. Now that is some hard hitting legal action right there. I feel proud to be part of the community.
Of course I realize no one cares what I think, but I just have to say my money will stay in areas that do not allow smoking on principle. The smoking ban laws are on sketchy ground to begin with and I certainly would not want to stop people from getting lung cancer. My disposable income will be used in places that do not smell so bad you can't even taste the food.
Thats my stance.
Yay Irmo! WOOOOO! Go Irmo!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Work Sucks.

I know I am the only one with this issue. I would just like to say, I really don't care whether anyone else is having a bad week this week or not. I do promise however to care twice as much next week.
So far this week, I have missed lunch 3 times (no jokes about that being good or bad), worked late twice, and lost probably 15 hours of sleep worrying about work. I know I am not supposed to think about work at home but sometimes it just works that way.
I did manage to drink a few beers on every day except Thursday. Since I normally don't drink during the week, or at home, I was a little concerned, but again, I will fix that next week.
Tomorrow is all foot ball all the time. Well....except I need to get ready for cold weather tailgating, go to the dump, buy lumber for the deck "project" and make chilli.

Go Cocks!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Gamecocks v2.0

I was amazed that after beating tennessee the crowd was very non plussed by the victory. I am thinking that even 2 years ago that win would have people rushing the field. Have expectations risen that much that we think beating a traditional power is common?
I would hate to think we would under appreciate what was still a big win in the sec.
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

OK... there is an app for this

It should be obvious by now that it did not work too well the way I was trying to post. I have found the app "blogger -droid" and it is working so we will see. I don't have the swype keyboard anymore but the one in froyo is pretty nice.
The g1 is still working well so we will probably wait until contract time to upgrade. I think even the battery trouble Susan was having has disappeared.
I swear I will try to update more even if the subject matter is a little thin.
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Saturday, August 7, 2010

There is no app for this

Please excuse any messy grammer or spelling. I am doing this post from the browser on the G1. I would have thought Google would have created a phone app for this but I can't find it.

I am using swype for this paragraph. It's the keyboard where you just slide your finger around the screen. It will auto predict some wrong words from time to time but all in all it is easy. If this works fairly well I will be able to post more often.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Busy Summer

Sorry for the lack posts but it has been a full summer so far. Since I last checked in, the Gamecocks won the baseball national championship, the oil in the gulf started flowing and was capped, and Morrie Yohai, the inventor of cheese doodles, passed away. The washer and dryer are in the garage ( have I mentioned how much I hate going under the house) and Mark gave us a garage refrigerator. I learned a lot about the driving economy in the coastal Virginia area and the onset of dementia in the elderly.

The android world continues to amaze me with the community effort and my old G1 is actually running the latest Froyo software better than the original version. I can't help myself but to continue to want to improve it but it really could not be much better.

I was going to start a project to build a Mythtv box to DVR stuff off the TV but it looks less expensive and time consuming to just get the box from Directv. I am a little sorry I won't be working on that. I asked a question in the forum ,, and got good quick answers to my hardware questions. I may do a scaled down version to try to save some stuff from the Directv box to our network. SHHHHH... don't tell Directv they may not like the idea so much.
Coming up, we will be getting ready for the first football game and tailgating. I have no idea how this is going to turn out. Our group has splintered to say the least. I have improved the satellite situation by purchasing a new dish to get more HD channels. We are definitely going with 1 TV this year and that will simplify things a lot right there.

I think I will stop for a while. I will update with how some of this goes.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I forgot something. Oh yeah, I was supposed to report from all over Florida. Well... I got drunk. Sorry.
To make it worse, work was just horrible when I got home. I am all caught up now. Hilarity will ensue.
This small post should keep everyone up to date until I have some real time.
Also, congrats to Bill and Tara! Just wanted to throw that in.
Lots of random thoughts but I'll spare you.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring Training

I am going to Florida with some guys to see baseball spring training. We have tickets for 4 games and will be back on Wednesday. My plan is to blog from each ballpark with a picture from each park. Whether this happens or not depends on several factors. The first problem is the beer conditions each day. I will have to blog early from each location but this could be tough based on the previous nights activities. The first blog will come Saturday (3 27) AM. I will list the Cities, ballparks, and teams.
I will probably not be including any info on difficulties of the actual trip to avoid any conflicts. I am sure there will be some. If there are any general problems that could be avoided if someone knew ahead, I will give a heads up about that.
See you in Florida. Go Braves!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Adult childhood fears

Just think it through... or not.

G1 camera stuck in the 70s

The camera on my T mobile G1 went south last week. In fact I think it went so far south it actually moved 35 years back in time. The colors went sort of "Mod Squad" on me. Any way the result is that I needed to send it in under warranty.
The problem here is that I had changed the rom software on the phone and doubt they would have been real happy with that. The process was fairly straight forward and I found a couple of different guides on upgrading / down grading. First I wanted to get the phone back to the original Spl (secondary program loader). This is the one tricky part that I wanted to make sure was taken care of before starting the process. I grabbed the Spl from XDA forums post:
Then I used a guide from XDA forums to get the phone to cupcake:
I stopped after the cupcake part because I was trying to "unroot" not root.
Downloaded cupcake CRC1 from:
Installed it over the current rom. Followed the guide here (or just got the file from here):
After I finished all this, I was at the most recent donut and can receive any OTA updates.
Now, I had rooted the phone in the first place so I knew what to do mostly. I could see some of this being tricky if you had never done it before.
I have my new G1 from T mobile now and have not done any mods to it yet. The camera is perfect and the whole process was easy to deal with.
I can't wait for the Openeclair team (Wes Garner) to get 2.0 out there to try. I will probably not change the phone until that happens.
If anyone wants step by step on the whole thing just leave a comment or email me and I can throw it together. Same thing if you want to root instead of unroot.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Winter Vacation

As I am sure everyone already is aware of the global colding going on nationwide this winter, I decided we needed to take matters into our own hands and head south. Very south.
I know absolutely nothing about booking a vacation so this took some research but I think I got it now. I compared the idea of a flight to somewhere and taking a cruise. Lots to consider here but the idea of the cruise won out in the long run.
After searching all the sites online, I settled on a site called "". It took a ton of looking and comparing to figure what would be best for us. I wanted a short cruise, 3 nights max, and eastern Caribbean if possible. This really narrowed the choices as well as our time frame. I booked it all and worked out all the details just 10 days prior to the trip. I won't do it that close again. The price was not that much better and the anxiety this caused was high.
The only real pre cruise trouble was Susan's passport was expired. The info on the cruise site said, get a passport, but time was to short. It also said, birth certificate and ID was sufficient if leaving from and returning to the same port. This turned out to be fine but I would not do it again. If you get stuck in the Bahamas, you would not be able to fly home. A bit risky I think. Five to seven weeks for a passport renewal these days but we are working on it.
The cruise was almost perfect with just minor stuff along the way. The weather the last day was less than perfect but that about covers it.
If there is a moral, it would be, take a vacation when you need one, not when you can take one.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Last to know

I woke up this morning not happy to be going back to work after a couple of weeks off. I warmed up the car, (no the weather has not improved) then took off down the road. Took me about 40 feet to recognize Steven A. Smith's dulcid scream on Fox sports radio. I checked that I was on XM142 then my heart sank.
When I arrived at work, I checked Steve Czabans blog were there it was, all laid out. They canned him.
That's pretty much it for me with Fox sports radio. I don't like the afternoon drive and I just can't stand Steven A.
I found Czabes original statement on line and will reprint it here for posterity sake.


File this one under “Horrible and Ironic Ways (For Your Radio Show) To Die.”

My contract with Fox Sports Radio has not been renewed. The last day of the “Steve Czaban Show” is scheduled for December 23rd.

Steven A. Smith will be my permanent replacement.

Now, you can chew on that one for a bit.

Okay, you still with me? Good. Here’s all I’m going to say.

This was not my choice, or desire. My agent wanted me to spin it in one of those “we decided to mutually part ways” for anybody who wanted to know. But I’m not good at lying. And besides, you deserve the truth.

The letter from the network read (in part) as follows. “As you know, our decision not to renew Steve’s contract was not made in haste. He has performed for us on air brilliantly, and has been a tremendous asset to our network for many years. It was only after much contemplation that we made the tough decision to move in a different direction.”

I’ll take that as an “Honorable Discharge.”

I held down the morning shift for FSR since 2004, and did a night time show for 2 more years prior to that. In sum, 7 years is a pretty good run. I’m thankful for every minute of it.

The “un-official” reason why the show was cancelled – or at least what was relayed to us - was that “affiliates” were saying that we sounded “too much like Mike and Mike.”

Yep. That’s what FSR told us.

Ohhhhhkaaayyyy then.

I might argue that our show was actually the ANTI-Mike and Mike, but what good is arguing with that logic anyway?

Steven A. Smith will not sound like Mike and Mike.

To further understand what happened, you need to know that a whole new programming regime came into power at Fox Sports Radio about a year ago. The new guy (and his name is not important) didn’t hire me, so perhaps I never was his cup of tea.

This happens in radio. What can you do?

Furthermore, they believe that Steven A. can get the network cleared in New York City and Philly. I hope they do. Good luck.

All I know is this.

When we began in morning drive, there were 106 affiliates that carried the show full time. Currently, there are 186. We obviously were doing something, somebody out there, liked.

But enough of me. Let’s talk about you, my faithful listeners. My army of trained robot killers.

Thank you.

Thank you from the deepest, no-bullshit, part of my heart.

Thank you a million times over for being a part of my life for these five years. Thank you for allowing me into your cars every morning. Thank you for emailing me with notes of support, long winded arguments, cheap shots, funny jokes about Mark Mangino’s coat size, serious suggestions on show ideas, and on and on and on.

Thank you for so many hilarious, creative text messages. Thank you for all the great “Lock It Ups”, dumb questions, mancrushes and the like.

Thanks for understanding that my intermittent blowhardery was – in reality - balanced by a truly “regular guy” who actually didn’t take himself that seriously. Our show took SPORTS seriously. Ourselves, not so much.

Thanks even more to my two remaining running mates, Scott Linn and producer Steve Solomon. These guys are warriors. I will have them on any show of mine from now until the end of time. They are both smart, workaholic, funny-as-shit, dedicated radio professionals.

They are also two of the best people I know. I am honored and humbled to be able to call them friends.

What is next for us? Well, for starters, sleep! Haha! No more waking up at 4:30 a.m. to start “making the donuts” for us! My dream of once again staying up late enough to see the finish of a Monday Night Football game is about to be a reality.

As you know, we also work for ESPN980 locally in Washington D.C. Those gigs are safe, and quite rewarding in their own right. We’re gonna be fine, and we’re not going anywhere.

In fact, you can listen to the Sports Reporters on ESPN980 every day at 4 p.m. Eastern at Granted, you’ll have to listen to a whole boatload of bitching about the Redskins, but at least it’s something.

Also, here at we’ll still be cranking out 5 “Czabecasts” a week with all the fellas and bonus Al Galdi! So do make sure to swing in to the shop once a day for your dose.

I certainly hope there’s another chance for me (and us) at the network level. But I assume nothing, and the industry doesn’t owe me a thing. That said, I believe I can play at this level. And with my P90x program winding down, I’m feelin’ friskier than ever.

As soon as anything happens, you’ll hear about it right here. Or even better yet, you can now join my “Official” Facebook page. Yeah, I know. I swore I’d never stoop to this level, but my web guru Kirk Strong is the guy who basically “handles” it, and I will just have to drop by and chime in from time to time.
We’ve got two weeks left together, people. Let’s make ‘em good, and lets laugh like hell.

I will look for Czabe to turn up elsewhere and will find some other diversion for my daily drive.
Thanks to for grabbing the original post.


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Cheer

I am not going to do an actual cheer here. I don't have any pom poms and quite frankly the holidays have left me a little drained. I think it is time for a flood / drought report........Well there is no drought, thats for damn sure. Been a little wet. This would bother me, seeing as how I had the last 2 weeks off, but its to cold to even think about the rain. I mean, how can I really enjoy a nice beer in an ice cold glass when its 22 degrees outside. 22 degrees in Columbia South Carolina. I guess I shouldn't complain, I think it was 21 in Des moines Iowa yesterday.
Christmas came and went with out a hitch. My sister and her family stayed with us for a couple of nights. Normally this would freak me out but we are set up pretty well for it. Did have the entire family over for dinner 2 days in a row. Again no problem just sort of lightly (permanently) scarred the dogs. I think they are still looking under the furniture for small children.
Tried a new recipe for the turkey (day 1) by sliding bacon under the skin before roasting. I think it was the best turkey I have ever had and certainly the best I have ever cooked. I kept from smoking up the whole house this year by replacing the gasket on the oven door. Getting a replacement gasket for a 40 year old oven was not exactly strait forward. The parts place I always use had closed without calling to inform me first (how dare they) so I found another through the magic of Google. I knew I was in the right place when they pulled out he box of micro film to look up the part. (for those of you under 40 micro film is an ancient form of data storage that was used in the days of yore) Got almost and exact match.
I have no idea where this post was going so I am going to leave it right there. If I fix it up and give it some direction I think it will lose its "charm"