Thursday, March 18, 2010

G1 camera stuck in the 70s

The camera on my T mobile G1 went south last week. In fact I think it went so far south it actually moved 35 years back in time. The colors went sort of "Mod Squad" on me. Any way the result is that I needed to send it in under warranty.
The problem here is that I had changed the rom software on the phone and doubt they would have been real happy with that. The process was fairly straight forward and I found a couple of different guides on upgrading / down grading. First I wanted to get the phone back to the original Spl (secondary program loader). This is the one tricky part that I wanted to make sure was taken care of before starting the process. I grabbed the Spl from XDA forums post:
Then I used a guide from XDA forums to get the phone to cupcake:
I stopped after the cupcake part because I was trying to "unroot" not root.
Downloaded cupcake CRC1 from:
Installed it over the current rom. Followed the guide here (or just got the file from here):
After I finished all this, I was at the most recent donut and can receive any OTA updates.
Now, I had rooted the phone in the first place so I knew what to do mostly. I could see some of this being tricky if you had never done it before.
I have my new G1 from T mobile now and have not done any mods to it yet. The camera is perfect and the whole process was easy to deal with.
I can't wait for the Openeclair team (Wes Garner) to get 2.0 out there to try. I will probably not change the phone until that happens.
If anyone wants step by step on the whole thing just leave a comment or email me and I can throw it together. Same thing if you want to root instead of unroot.

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