Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Winter Vacation

As I am sure everyone already is aware of the global colding going on nationwide this winter, I decided we needed to take matters into our own hands and head south. Very south.
I know absolutely nothing about booking a vacation so this took some research but I think I got it now. I compared the idea of a flight to somewhere and taking a cruise. Lots to consider here but the idea of the cruise won out in the long run.
After searching all the sites online, I settled on a site called "". It took a ton of looking and comparing to figure what would be best for us. I wanted a short cruise, 3 nights max, and eastern Caribbean if possible. This really narrowed the choices as well as our time frame. I booked it all and worked out all the details just 10 days prior to the trip. I won't do it that close again. The price was not that much better and the anxiety this caused was high.
The only real pre cruise trouble was Susan's passport was expired. The info on the cruise site said, get a passport, but time was to short. It also said, birth certificate and ID was sufficient if leaving from and returning to the same port. This turned out to be fine but I would not do it again. If you get stuck in the Bahamas, you would not be able to fly home. A bit risky I think. Five to seven weeks for a passport renewal these days but we are working on it.
The cruise was almost perfect with just minor stuff along the way. The weather the last day was less than perfect but that about covers it.
If there is a moral, it would be, take a vacation when you need one, not when you can take one.

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