Thursday, November 18, 2010


Cue the band and get the floats out of the drydock, we are going to need a parade. This means you will be able to go in any restaurant in the town of Irmo without having to breath smoke while eating. Right?
Well, not exactly. The town leaders voted in a law that says you cannot have smoking in any public facility, unless you are a bar or restaurant that had smoking before. So essentially they are banning smoking in places that do not allow smoking. Now that is some hard hitting legal action right there. I feel proud to be part of the community.
Of course I realize no one cares what I think, but I just have to say my money will stay in areas that do not allow smoking on principle. The smoking ban laws are on sketchy ground to begin with and I certainly would not want to stop people from getting lung cancer. My disposable income will be used in places that do not smell so bad you can't even taste the food.
Thats my stance.
Yay Irmo! WOOOOO! Go Irmo!

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