Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Earth Shattering

First off, I am "all in" on the Facebook thing. I resisted until I needed to get some information from someone and the only way was to "friend them up". Up until now, it has been sort of fun with no trouble. I don't really want to add 10 friends a day but it's just one click and can't possibly be bad... Right? You probably already guessed I read a slightly unexpected "not that there is anything wrong with that" post. I figure my best bet is to friend so many people that I can't possibly read them all. I'll let you know.

Second... It is "National Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day" 8=8

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Really just the average run of the mill few weeks.
Booked the vacation cruise to Cozumel and the surrounding areas. The ship stops at some port I am sure the cruise line just made up but I don't care. It will be warm. The real selling point of the cruise is that the ship has self leveling pool tables. I really think non self leveling pool tables would be more interesting from a playing standpoint, but I'll just bet people who play pool for a living would never book the cruise. None of this really matters as I plan to just drink heavily and eat like a king for 5 nights (with a balcony). I understand that mentioning the balcony is important because not all rooms have one and it makes me seem better than... well... the people who will be across the hall from me without a balcony.
Our brother in-law told us he has prostate cancer and as I speak (write) has had it removed. His doctors are optimistic and talk about the slowness of prostate cancer. Sounds good so hopefully all will turn out well. Good luck Don
My prodige at work decided my company does not appreciate him enough and found another job. He gave his 2 weeks notice and just drove everybody nuts.
2 Mondays later he announced he was not leaving. I guess the made him "feel more important" (gave him more cash).
Then it happened. We went to dinner (delicious I might add) then to Flying Saucer for Jessie's birthday. Susan went for a bathroom break and came back shortly.
Bla bla bla. Sometime later that same night
We got home and she told me she fell at Flying Saucer and broke her hand.
4 hours at the Doc-in-a-box Saturday morning later... Yep it was broke.
It is hard to describe all the doctor stuff over the last week. The upshot is, surgery is Tuesday and we leave for the cruise on the following Monday.
I really don't know how all this will work out but I'm just glad we did not have to put a new clutch in Susan's car.
Oh did I mention...